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We know warehousing and distribution choices are huge decisions, so we want you to make the right one by choosing us.


Transload, Warehouse & Distribution


Our 15 acres of yard space, 170,000 square feet of warehouse space and 48 dock positions just 10 miles from the port, we have a prime location for trans-loading your freight into trucks or domestic rail containers.  We are able to warehouse and distribute goods based on a variety of needs.  Below is just a base list of what Southern Counties can do for you.


- Transload

- Case Pick

- Full Pallet In/Out

- Fulfillment

- Palletize and Shrink Wrap

- Consolidation

- Supply Chain Management and more



The possibilities are endless; our WMS is state of the art and fully customizable just ready to serve you and your customers today!


Let Southern Counties Express be your choice the next time you think logistics!

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