Yes, dependability still

exists and we are the very definition.

We're here to help


Over 25 years of family values with a strong business sense, that's what puts us above the rest.


Founded in 1990, we have grown from a small business family owned company to a highly respected organization in the logistics industry.  We have managed to maintain our "small company" culture as we enjoy continued growth. Control, communication and follow-through are our prime objectives.


We are progressive, dedicated and conscientious to ensure all of our customers' needs are met.  Our company will stop at nothing to ensure your business is well maintained and your product is well taken care of.

Our customer service is far beyond what you have ever experienced.


We know exactly how to take care of you:  Communication is key.  Every Customer Service Representative is experienced and knowledgeable with an average tenure of 10 years or more in the SCE family.  Our core values of Customer Service and Communication are what allows us to maintain this solid foundation we now rest upon.




                        Let Southern Counties Express be your choice the next time you think logistics!