With four locations to serve you.

We have you covered...


(310) 900-2160

With 4 locations to serve, you can rest assured we'll take good care of your merchandise.

We have 3 locations in Southern California.  One to accommodate your large cargo projects and a warehouse to manage all your supply chain needs as well as one dedicated storage facility.  Our 4th facility lies in the heart of Texas and has growing capabilities to suit all

logistical needs.


We have round the clock security to ensure the safety of your merchandise.

With us you can always rest assured your goods are being looked after

24 hours, 7 days a week.



SCE North (Corporate & Warehousing)

2851 E Las Hermanas St

Rancho Dominguez, Ca 90221


SCE South (Cargo Yard & "Project" Warehousing)

18020 S Santa Fe Ave

Rancho Dominguez, Ca 90221

SCE 3 (Storage Facility)

18111 S Santa Fe Ave

Rancho Dominguez, Ca 90221

SCE Texas (Terminal Yard)

1317 W Oakdale Rd

Grand Prarie, TX 75050


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